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How to Connect Cam-Lok Single Pole EZ 1016 and 1018 connectors

This video will show you how to connect the J series connectors to a cable presented by Galco on G-TV. Find more about the product at 1-800-337-1720 or ...
Uploaded: 2014-09-19T13:03:13.000Z

Making cam-lock cable

A quick video showing how to make cam-lock cable.
Uploaded: 2010-05-10T17:53:19.000Z

Cooper Interconnect Cam-Lok J Series Connectors

Cooper Interconnect Cam-Lok J Series Connectors on Galco TV. Buy the series featured in this video at 800-337-1720 or go to: ...
Uploaded: 2012-07-13T13:56:00.000Z

K-LOK 400A Single Pole Connector

Official Homepage: Official Website: Official Youtube: Official Vimeo: ...
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How to drill holes for cam lock connectors

Discover the spacing and sizes of the holes in order to use cam lock connectors in your next project. Cam connectors provide a clean and secure, but easy to ...
Uploaded: 2014-05-06T04:38:37.000Z

Furniture Cam Lock and Nut

What are these funny looking fasteners that come with do it yourself furniture? Well, one might be a cam lock and nut. This video will show you what one looks ...
Uploaded: 2013-01-17T02:21:40.000Z

how to assemble camlock connectors 400 amp by guitar tech sammy bones | Power distro building: how to assemble camlock connectors, 400 amp by guitar tech Sammy bones.
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Cam Lock Hose Adapters and Fittings

What are camlock adapters for hoses? They are basically the industry standard hose couplings for convenience. They are standard across the US for pumps, ...
Uploaded: 2014-07-03T23:41:15.000Z

16/18 Series Connector Assembly Leviton Single Pole Cam-Type Devices are designed to provide superior ...
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Conectores tipo Camlock

visita nuestro sitio web y síguenos en nuestras redes sociales queremos ofrecerte lo mejor de la ...
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IntelleTools - Cam Lock Fittings

Chris demonstrates the new Cam Lock Fittings for the long-reach IntelleTools. For more, visit
Uploaded: 2009-09-21T15:50:55.000Z

indiSYSTEM Cam-Lok™ Technology

Our new Cam-Lok™ Technology demonstrated live action.
Uploaded: 2013-11-20T17:06:07.000Z

Phase 3 Connectors Ltd - Powersafe Single Pole Connectors

Phase 3's Powersafe range are the highest rated, safest and finest quality single pole connectors as used by the power, events, military and cable assembly ...
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Official Homepage: Official Website: Official Youtube: Official Vimeo: ...
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Overview of Posi-Lock Connectors

See for more information and to order Posi-Locks. The small amount of revenue we make from selling ...
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