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Emeril Lagasse visits Florida's oldest restaurant, The Columbia, in Tampa's historic Ybor City

Emeril Lagasse visited Florida's Oldest Restaurant, The Columbia in Tampa's historic Ybor City for his show, Emeril's Florida, on The Cooking Channel. At The ...
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How to Make the 1905 Salad at Florida's Historic Columbia Restaurant - Tampa

"One of the Great Places to Make a Meal Out of a Salad" - USA Today The Original "1905" Salad - The Columbia's legendary salad tossed at your table.
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Action Bronson Eats The Best Colombian Food in NYC

Action Bronson shows us how he spends his Saturdays during the warmer months in New York, and it involves a lot of eating and dancing. If you're walking ...
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Flamenco dance at The Columbia Restaurant in Tampa

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Kolumbijskie klimaty w Miami (Pueblito Viejo) Columbian Restaurant música de Colombia

Kolumbijskie klimaty w Miami (Pueblito Viejo) Columbian Restaurant música de Colombia Kolumbijska Restauracja w Miami, tętniące życiem miejsce z ...
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Best Colombian Street Foods In Medellin

For more stories, tips and information about our Life Redesign or Travel Inspiration you can find it at: This video is about our day taking a ...
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The Giant Arepa Burger Born out Of Colombia's Street Food Wars — Dining on a Dime

Street food carts get competitive in Colombia. When one vendor adds a product to his or her offering, the surrounding carts add that product and then one of their ...
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Chicago’s Best Steak: Sabor a Cafe Restaurant

Guest host Nicole Suarez is cuttin' footloose at a northside Colombian spot known for their huge churrasco.
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Morgan & Amy visit Florida's Oldest Restaurant, The Columbia.

Morgan King & Amy Lynn from Daytime Tricities take a trip to Tampa to eat at the Columbia. Founded in 1905 by Cuban immigrant Casimiro Hernandez, Sr., the ...
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Dominicans Try Colombian Food

In honor of Colombian Independence Day we tried Bandeja Paisa for the 1st time, and all we can say is "mmmmmmmm!" Credits: ...
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Snack Geo EP. 4 - First Time Eating Colombian Food

Shot and edited by Stephen Massar - Music by Helistop - ...
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Gordon Ramsay on Cocaine | First Look | ITV

As part of Crime & Punishment season, Gordon Ramsay goes behind the lines of the Colombian cartel to discover how cocaine is produced deep in the jungle.
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Columbian restaurant ad

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Best Columbian Breakfast, Brandon FL

For More Ethnic Restaurants follow Brandon, FL - We found a good Columbian cuisine East of Tampa at Brandon, Florida.
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Restaurants that are Gone but Not Forgotten in Columbia

Restaurants such as Rusty Scupper, Mrs. Z's and the Last Chance Saloon were very popular amenities in Columbia. Find out the history of these legendary ...
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